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What are the Benefits of Playing Video Games?

Who doesn’t love to play video games? Well, it has become a craze now among children as well as adults. People spend hours and hours before the screen playing video games. Various companies have taken this business to high levels, and this has become a billion dollar market nowadays. A lot of experiment goes into making a successful game. And do you know that some of the game can actually help you have a health benefit?

Well yes, you heard it right. By playing video games, one can improve their health and get rid of various problems both mental and physical. Although there are many disadvantages of it as well but the fact remains playing video games have some benefits. So let’s find out what are they.

Health benefits of playing video games

  • Pain relief-

Stress ReliefMost of the people think that playing video game for long hours can affect your physical health. But do you know it has a huge advantage as well? Yes, the best way to treat a pain is to not think about it. This remedy is best experienced by playing games as it helps to get distracted and forget about the pain.

By playing the Lego star wars video game series and alike games, people get so much addicted that they believe to be present in the game and become a character themselves. It helps to forget the pain as the patient’s mind doesn’t think about it as their concentration remains on the game.

  • Mental growth-Mental growth

If a child is allowed to play video games for at least an hour a day, it is observed that their skills to make decision increases. Video games allow you to take a decision within a very short moment, in such environment one has to make quick decision, thus the practice of decision making helps in normal life as well.

  • Improve vision-

Improve your visionYou must have known about the adverse effect of watching television all the day, but do you know that playing video games for long hours can actually improve your eyesight? Yes, it’s true, some game needs very sharp vision to shoot the enemies, this exercise can actually help you improve your eyesight and have better vision of everything that surrounds you.

  • Stay happy-happiness by playing games

Some experiments show that by playing games like Lego star wars video game series can keep you happy for a long time. Especially people of old age, who has no other engagements and probably lives isolated, can found happiness by playing games. It gives them a sense of achievement upon winning and also keeps them busy all day.

  • Reduce stress-

Reduce stressIt is psychologically proved that people who are very stressed or depressed can get some relief by playing games. Games help you stay relax as you remain engaged in fun stuff instead of thinking about the matter that brings dullness and sadness with it.

Thus, you can see that playing video game can give you so many health benefits. But it is important to choose the right game. Many scientist works to produce intelligent games that could help in building skills and improve the nature of a kid.